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Prior Learning Assessment

Earn credit for prior learning, training, and experience

Prior Learning Assessment

The term prior learning refers to a variety of methods of acquiring knowledge comparable to the learning objectives of college courses.  King University‚Äôs Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) program provides a nationally recognized method of allowing college credit for learning that you may have obtained through work, seminars, training programs, military education program, and/or certification programs.  

Many adult learners and employers find this program extremely attractive because it provides you with a means to potentially earn college credit for learning from on-the-job training, military training, certificate programs, seminars, corporate training systems, and other non-traditional courses.  It is a customized program.

Through faculty evaluation and the Council on Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL), King will work to assess that yourlearning is at a collegiate level so you may be awarded equivalent college credit towards your degree program at King.

Follow these steps to find out if you qualify to receive course credit for your prior learning.

  • First Step Appointment
    Meet with King University Admissions enrollment counselors to determine which Prior Learning Assessment options are most likely to result in the award of credits earned.
  • Pursue Prior Learning Assessment